Stackable and Foldable Lightweight Paper Stools
Stools made to be conveniently used and removed as needed may spend more time in storage than in use. With this in mind, the aim was to create stools that can be stored where people can see them on a daily basis, while looking stunning when stacked together.
The stool takes simple triangular shape. By cutting off a part of the triangle, it functions as a leg for stacking or as a handle. The simple geometry allows for greater expandability, facilitating the usage of multiple modules.











Igarashi Seihako Co., Ltd.

Igarashi Seihako Co., Ltd.

Production Processing of Cardboard Packaging / Since 1926
Igarashi Seihako was founded in 1926 as a wooden box manufacturer in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, and now operates as a manufacturer of cardboard cases and other packaging materials. The company specializes in high-quality flexographic printing and offers packaging with sophisticated designs. In addition, utilizing their cardboard design skills, they produce POP display material, store fixtures, and display stands, and develop original Paper Fixtures brands such as "Hakoberu," a portable display stand collection, and "Kataaru," paper fixtures that can be ordered without a mold cost.

段ボール加工業 / 1926年創業