Take 5 Rubber

Take out from the refrigerator and bake in the oven for 5 minutes to make rubber products.

Take 5 Rubber is a project by Tosho Rubber industries, Inc. designed to generate a variety of shapes and colors by baking a uniquely developed rubber material. This rubber can be molded easily like clay and hardens in 5 minutes in a 120°C oven. It is durable, water-resistant, and safe for the human body. In addition, the ability to adhere to each other and to be subjected to secondary processing opens up new creative possibilities. Take 5 Rubber seeks to foster a culture of manufacturing into everyday life. The land where the company was founded is home to a pottery manufacturing industry that flourished in Japan 1,500 years ago and will continue to create a new pottery culture through “Take 5 Rubber” project.


Take 5 Rubberは、Tosho Rubber industries, Inc.が独自開発したゴム素材を焼き上げることで、様々なかたちや色を作り出すプロジェクトです。粘土のように自由自在に変形でき、120℃のオーブンで5分で固まるこのゴムは、割れず、水に強く、そして人体にも安全です。また同質同士がくっつき、二次加工が可能な特性は新たな創造性を広げます。
Take 5 Rubberは日常に豊かなものづくりを醸成したい。私たちが創業した土地は日本で1500年前に土器製造が盛んにおこなわれた場所でもあり、太古の焼き物文化を記憶するこの場所で、オリジナルのゴム素材を使った新たな焼き物文化を創造していきます。

Take 5 Rubberと題した本プロジェクトは、”Take Five!” と、ほっと一息つこう!のように少し休憩するときに使われるスラングの意味を込めています。 休憩時のリラックスした軽やかな気持ちで、独自のゴムを使った創作表現を模索しています。



Tosho Rubber Industries, Inc.

Tosho Rubber Industries, Inc.

Manufacturing Industrial Rubber Products / Since 1966
Tosho Rubber Industries has been manufacturing and distributing rubber and sponge rollers for various machinery ranging from food and medical equipment to large printing presses under the leadership of Tomio Suenaga (current chairman). Since its establishment, the company has been highly recognized worldwide for its integrated production system.
The processing technology and wisdom cultivated to date have been developed into unique rubber compounding expertise, which is utilized in the development of intricate parts for precision instruments and innovative new materials never existed before. Under the vision of "The future to contribute with rubber," the company continues to be committed to building a sustainable society.

工業用ゴム製品製造業 / 1966年創業
これまで培ってきた加工技術や知恵はオリジナルゴム配合技術に発展し、精密機器の微細なパーツや今までに見たことのない新素材開発に活かされている。私たちはThe future to contribute with rubber.を掲げ、持続可能な社会の創造に今後も貢献していく。