Environmentally Friendly Rubber Planters
While natural rubber is originally derived from the sap of the rubber tree, it is often difficult to imagine that the rubber products we commonly encounter are natural because they are often black and shaped artificially.
WEARR is a project that integrates natural rubber and daily waste to create a friendly rubber material that can be “dressed” to a range of everyday objects.
For this exhibition, a rubber planter was designed not to damage floors and tables, to be unbreakable even if dropped, and to be recyclable by burying it in the soil.











Kouhoku Rubber Co., Ltd.

Kouhoku Rubber Co., Ltd.

Rubber Compounding and Manufacturing of Rubber Products / Since 1962
Kouhoku Rubber pioneered the processing of conveyor belts with infinite adhesion and continues to expand the scale of its compounding development and processing operations to meet demands from a wide range of fields, from microscopic to large precision products. The company's products range from artisanal handcrafts to mass-production processing using metal molds, including rubber linings and rollers that enhance abrasion and impact resistance for industrial plants and infrastructure equipment, various rubber molded products for medical equipment and amusement facilities, mold fabrication, coating processing, and sporting goods such as golf tees and mats.

ゴムの配合設計・ゴム製品製造業 / 1962年創業