Textile innovation and design, leading local crafts to the future

An innovative textile has been developed to find new possibilities for Banshu-ori, including those woven with dyed threads and PLA threads and with PLA non-woven fabric pressed onto the reverse side. Applying heat to imbue the PLA component into the fabric gives a slightly firmer finish while retaining the original texture, allowing for laser cutting and molding. Since Banshuori is made of cotton, it is an ecological material that can decompose in compost. PAT.P





Daika Sangyo Co .,Ltd.

Daika Sangyo Co .,Ltd.

Textile Trading Company and Apparel / Since 1970
Based in the long-standing Banshuori textile production area of Nishiwaki City, Hyogo, Daika Sangyo has been offering manufacturing options tailored to its clients' needs since its establishment. Starting from a trading company that handles thread selection and coordinates the organization, weaving, and processing, the company transforms its ideas into reality and aims to expand its business that "grows" and "transforms" like its company name. Under the concept of "playing with textiles," Daika Sangyo introduces the features of craftsmanship through a new type of Banshuori textile that is not bound by conventional conceptions.

生地の製造業 / 1970年創業